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Make no assumptions.

We let ourselves venture as far as we can with our creative thoughts
Quite often, that’s how groundbreaking ideas come about
That’s not to say that everything should be just free flowing
In the end, all ideas must be brought back within some kind of boundaries
We call that discipline
Contradiction in itself - make no assumptions yet setting boundaries?
Just because there’s gravity doesn’t mean you can’t fly

We have a conference room with a fully-fitted kitchen and a 155 seaview
We have been mistaken before as a restaurant,
an interior design firm, a record company,
a kitchen showroom,
a Playstation showroom (that we have no idea why)…..
then again, why not?

Our staff members come from backgrounds in multi-aspects of communications.
Although our strengths lie in creative strategies-brand launch, advertising, promotions,
our projects have varied from designing jewellery boxes
to creating retail packaging to art-directing fashion shoots,
And we welcome future projects that require new ideas,
be it a campaign for the next presidential election;
interior design for a building;
or simply conceptualizing the wedding of the century.
If brands like Johnnie Walker, Yahoo! trusts us, maybe you can too.

- - -

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